Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Randomosity at It's Finest

I could really live without my conscience for a few days.
Just a few days without second guessing myself and worrying over how my actions will affect other people.
I change my mind. I could really go for a few days of pure selfishness for once.
What girl is too scared to tell her friends that she doesn't want to do something? This girl. What girl is too contained to tell off her parents for not teaching her to drive? This girl. What girl was too panicked to tell the guy she was in love with that she loved him? This girl.
I change my mind again. I need a closet that leads to a magical country led by a kickass lion. Now where can I find one?
I'm joking...maybe. I'm not saying I hate my life, but I've gotten to the point where it's gotten so repetitive that I no longer feel like the main character, and when you're no longer the main character of your own story, what the hell are you?
I probably sound like the typical teenager saying,"Ugggggghhhhhh I'm borrrreeeeddddddddd! Someone give me an electronic doohicky that'll melt my brain to mush!" and I very well may be. I mean, I am writing a blog. But I feel like I'm looking more for an adventure of kin to Harry Potter having a kid The Perks of Being a Wallflower(gosh I love that book!!)
Adventure used to be something any kid with a car and some spare time could have, but nowadays it's like "Oh no, I have something way less fun and important than discovering my destiny to do". Namely play mindgames with someone of the opposite sex(or same sex, whatever way you roll) until 3:00 a.m. on a device that becomes obsolete as soon as its newest upgrade shows up, hoping that you just might get lucky and crack the code.
I seem to be complaining quite a bit, and I personally hate listening to anyone complaining, especially if I know they aren't going to do jack squat to change anything. I promise next time to have something of value to say, but I'm mentally exhausted and I need to think my thoughts through for once so I'm not an idiot tomorrow.